Kids Listen Sweep Episode – Family Trees

We're joining the party with our friends at and everyone's created a show on the theme Family Trees. Listen to our chat with Rae Anne Sauer from the Sons of The American Revolution Genealogy Library.

Ep. 8: Magic? Mesmer, Fox Sisters, Robert-Houdin, I’ll See You In My Dreams

Stories of Magic, or people creating the illusion of magic...

Episode Seven – Food Tales!

We're sharing fun food tales, but are they true?

Episode 6 – Heights: Ferris Wheel, Charles Blondin, East of the Sun, and More!

February's episode is all about Heights!

Episode Five – Bird Tales!

In honor of National Bird Day, this episode features some great bird stories from history. Victoria Reibel reads the story of Charles Morton, a man who tried to explain the mystery of bird migration with an otherworldly hypothesis. Jason Lawrence reads the tale of Cher Ami, one of the bravest little birds the world has […]

Songs from the Podcast

By popular request - songs from the podcast!

Episode Four: Mail Tales!

Mail Tales!

Episode Three: Anne Bonny, Western Engineer, Big Ol’ Boat, and more

It's all about boats and stuff!

Episode Two: Barnum, Banvard, Paper Moon, and more

Do you know what an Egress is? Can you imagine a 3 mile painting?