THROWBACK: 2016 Holiday Audio Short: Christmas Pickle

We were a little rougher around the edges this time last year. And there was a one-month old baby that we were getting used too. But this is still fun.


Christmas Pickles


In this quick Holiday Short, we explore a few of the stories people offer as explanations for the unusual Christmas Pickle Tradition.
We also found a Christmas Pickle recipe you probably won’t want to try, and you’ll love our 2016 Holiday gift pick.
And if that isn’t enough, we also have an unusual interpretation of a holiday classic song by Squeeze-bot.

13510955_10153887576158152_3196681299467739875_nSqueeze-bot features:

Todd Hildreth-Accordion

Mick Sullivan-Banjo

Mat Murphy, or Brandon Johnson – Tuba (I can’t remember who’s on the recording)

Meg Samples -Tiny Drums

Mick Sullivan

Mick Sullivan
This whole mess was my idea. I'm really in to music and I love history. I am the Manager of Youth and Family Programs at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY. I've curated exhibits about Lewis and Clark, created countless hours of history-focused programming, and shared some great times thinking, learning, talking, and laughing about the past and future with some great people - both adults and children.    

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